How Do I Get The Look?

If you’re like us, you look at Pinterest…A LOT! With all the unique ideas and the “DIY” suggestions you might feel overwhelmed and left with the looming question of, “How do I get the look?” TRIFECTA is here to help give you the designer look for your bathroom, kitchen, or any other room! After a recent visit to The Tile Shop, we picked up some great pointers and inspiration. The Tile Shop..., is known for brining visions to life. They say if you can envision it, they can help make it happen. And with over 4,000 quality tile and natural stone, The Tile Shop isn’t playing around. With endless options available, here are some suggestions we recommend to give YOU that designer look we all covet on Pinterest!

When it comes to your bathroom add decorative trim pieces such as edge profiles, borders, trim, and the unexpected stone sink to give you the look you want. There are endless ways to add that designer finish to the look for your shower, consider adding a horizontal or vertical border. A combination of accent tile, mosaic, or listello with a pencil or profile trim will give your shower definition while being pleasing to the eye. Pay attention to the details too, consider different options for the recessed shelf than what is used for the focal point or shower pan. Mixing materials and texture will only add to the custom look you’re striving for!